Hi there :)


I am Anja. I have spent my childhood at the Baltic Sea, and live now right in the middl
of Germany. For almost 15 years I've worked as a photographer in the area of Franfurt/Main, and I love it. I love to capture moments, the small ones, the real ones. I am a very emotional person, and this is what I want to capture in my images of you, authentic and real, and with a lot of fun. I play games with your kids, and cry at your wedding, I am not just there, I am a part of it.


When I am not busy creating images, I like to spend my time travelling to places that are neither too hot nor too cold. Spring temperatures are just perfect for me. I enjoy reading and I absolutely love paper of any kind. I believe that images come to life when they are printed, in a photobook or as wall-art. Good food makes me happy, but having to cook myself doesn’t ;) I enjoy the quiet moments in my life, evenings watching DVDs with my husband, a purring cat on my lap, and long walks, rain or shine. I am a person who likes life to be simple and uncomplicated, and prefers
comfy sneakers, I even wore them on our wedding day ;)


Are we a good fit? Get in touch, I’d love to hear from and about you :)



xoxo anja

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