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How would you describe your photography style?

I am a lifestyle photographer. As my slogan moments.redefined. already suggests, I do not wait for the perfect moment, I create it. My goal is to capture your family moments, your love and connection and fun together, but most photos are lightly posed. I do tell you where to stand or sit, so that I can capture the moment in the right light and angle. Sometimes I tell you to look directly at the camera, and then again I encourage you to not look at me but at your kids, while you are cuddling and tickling them.

You would rather have me not telling you what to do, but a more documentary photography of your family life? No problem, let me know in advance so we can discuss what kind of photography session would be good for you.


What is a family session with you like?

When we have the session at your home, I will have a look around to find the best spot for your images. This is a good time for your kids to get to know me, sometimes I ask them to show me their room and most them of are really excited to show me around. If your kid is more shy, we take it slow. Maybe I tell you to cuddle on the couch, read a book together, sing a song (little children love silly songs, so don’t be embarassed to sing).

A session will be around 45 minutes, 1 hour at the max. I have found that to be the sweet spot before children run out of patience with us adults ;)

You need more time for the photo session, maybe because you have a really fussy newborn or a very shy kid? Let me know, so we can discuss this before your photo session.


Where does the photo session take place?

The photo session can take place in the comfort of your own home, or outside. If the session is at your house, I would have a look around to find the room with the nicest available light and wall color (bright colors like pink, red or green are not very flattering on your skin tone). If you prefer to have an outdoor session, I will suggest a nice place.

Newborn sessions always take place inside at your home, for the safety of your little one.


Do you edit our photographs?

Yes, I do. Every image I deliver is post produced in my unique signature style. This involves color correction, exposure adjustment and other corrections. In addition, all images from a portrait session receive a minor retouching, like the removal of blemishes. Not included is advanced post-production, like changing the size and shape of your body (parts), or changing the background.


We parents are completely unphotogenic, could you just photograph our child?

Believe it or not, many people tell me that, and in the end it turns out to be not true ;) I am not going to force you in front of the camera, but wouldn’t it be really sad if you had no images of the complete family? Don’t forget, these images are not just for you or for the next christmas card, these images are a heirloom for your children, for a time when you might be gone.

Think about it, what is more valuable to you: a portrait of you when you were a baby, or a portrait of your mom holding and cuddling you?


We are too busy to do anything with the digital images, do you offer prints?

Sure I do. Images should be printed :) Let me know if you need prints for grandma, Birth Announcements, Wall-Art for the kids room or even a yearly photo book...


When is the best time for a newborn photo session?

My newborn images are taken within the first six weeks. I do prefer the first two weeks, since newborns tend to be more sleepy at that time (which makes the whole session flow more easily for everybody) and their skin is still at their best. But since I am a lifestyle photographer, and do not pose your babies, it is more relaxed in terms of how long we can wait to do photos.

Please get in touch with me for your newborn session while you are still pregnant.


When is the best time for a maternity photo session?

The best time for maternity images is around 32 weeks. Your belly has developed a nice round shape, your baby will not yet have begun to move downward, which means your belly will be high, just perfect for photography.


What is this charity "Kinderherzen Heilen e.V." about, that you support?

I am glad you asked :) Since 2012 I support the charity organization "Kinderherzen Heilen e.V.", which is a charity providing support for families with children with heart defects. This started after one of my little photo models had to spend the majority of her first year in the hospital, attached to electrodes, waiting for a donor heart. You can help too, just ask me how.

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